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My name is Steve (The Dull Knight). When I am not “adulting” helping raise 2 sassy girls or working my full time job, I am helping produce content that I love on this site and on Instagram. I am a grown man child that still collects toys, comics, and plays my video games; when I can escape the clutches of my girls wanting me to play “tea party”. I am a huge fan of Batman, Funko Pop, and Star Wars (My wallet wishes I wasn’t a fan of these). This project was started for the sheer joy of being able to continue to express my love for all things nerd related and I hope that I (we) can convey that with quality content for all you to enjoy. The Dull Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight SH Figuarts Action Figure

In today’s market, we have a plethora of option’s when it comes to action figures. Consumers have a variety of different price point options from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Along with higher price points we also … Continue reading

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STAR WARS: Darth Vader #3 – by Charles Soule

The new Darth Vader series is giving us a look at what made Darth Vader, Darth Vader. Marvel is building a detailed back story and showing that Vader is more than just heavy breathing and force chokes. Issue 1 and 2 provided … Continue reading

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Marvel vs. DC, DC vs. Marvel

This is a hatred that feels longer than time itself. These foes have fought each other for years, with no end in sight. Why do they hate each other? They don’t… In the recent years, this “rivalry” has surly escalated … Continue reading

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Darth Vader #1- by Charles Soule

Darth Vader #1- by Charles Soule Last week we received the new installment to the Darth Vader legacy. Marvel had already released a Darth Vader comic series that was released during the time of Episodes 4 and 5. Marvel decided … Continue reading

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Open Letter To Marvel

Dear Marvel, Oh how things have changed. I remember the days before the movie glitz and glamor. I remember the days of walking to the comic store in Queens, NY having that $1.75 burning in my pocket; excited to spend … Continue reading

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Flash #22- by Joshua Williamson

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! Flash #22- by Joshua Williamson Last week we received the highly anticipated conclusion to “The Button” story-line (To get up to date, please see our past reviews). I have had 6 days to digest and process Flash … Continue reading

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Will the Doomsday Clock Strike Midnight?

DC comics revealed today that we will get a new stand alone miniseries called “Doomsday Clock”. Geoff Johns is teaming up with Gary Frank and Brad Anderson to continue the story arc of Rebirth and the current story-line, The Button, … Continue reading

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