About the Mad Nerd Dads

Hello everyone,

My name is Steve (The Dull Knight). When I am not “adulting” helping raise 2 sassy girls or working my full time job, I am helping produce content that I love on this site and on our Instagram page (MadNerdDad). I am a grown man child that still collects toys, comics, and plays my video games; when I can escape the clutches of my girls wanting me to play “tea party”. I am a huge fan of Batman, Funko Pop, Star Wars, and Battlefield (My wallet wishes I wasn’t a fan of these). This project was started for the sheer joy of being able to continue to express my love for all things nerd related and I hope that I (we) can convey that with quality content for all you to enjoy.

The Dull Knight


Greetings, Fellow Nerds!

My name is Nathan (The Belligerent Barnes). Much like my partner in crime, The Dull Knight, I am serving an adulting sentence in corporate America. My time is consumed by my son and daughter while simultaneously doing that required crap to pay the bills. My less-than-alter-ego is an avid collector and lifelong nerd of many varieties. I’m also a published author from time to time. 

This website is a means for us to share what we love – comics, toys, video games, and stuff that makes our kids jealous. Just because we’re dads doesn’t mean that we can’t pour our children’s college funds into the hobbies we’ve always enjoyed. We’re pretty excited to publicly share the same conversation topics that we used to debate between cubicles instead of working. Our fatherly right is to typically be mad (angry). Our wives think our nerdom is mad (crazy). So it makes sense that we join forces as The Mad Nerd Dads.

– The Belligerent Barnes