STOP WORRYING about Star Wars!

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Yesterday the news broke that Colin Trevorrow has “parted ways” with Disney and won’t be directing Star Wars Episode IX. Since then, my regular internet stomping grounds have been ripe with commentary. The consensus, from what I’ve been able to stomach, is that Trevorrow’s removal is a sign that Star Wars is in trouble. To those outspoken critics I say – shut the hell up already!

I’m more confident now than ever before that our holy space epic is in very good hands. At the time of this writing, Rian Johnson is reported to be the frontrunner to take over on the last installment in the current trilogy. Let’s assume there’s truth to that report (and I hope there is)… Think about it for a moment – Disney wants the director of Episode VIII to direct Episode IX. That is an unenviable job that the bazillion dollar monopoly wouldn’t trust anyone with unless they have confidence in what will be delivered. The powers at be in the Mouse House have seen Johnson’s Last Jedi and their preference to keep the same director meaning they really liked what they saw! How could that not be seen as a good thing?


Security moments before escorting Colin Trevorrow off the studio lot

Perhaps this had nothing to do with the Jurassic World director’s take on how the trilogy would end – it’s probably more likely that they were so fond of Rian Johnson’s work that they wanted him to see it through. He’s already got a mega-blockbuster-to-be under his belt with the saga and is an incredibly likeable diehard fan. Through filming Last Jedi he’s already developed a rapport with the cast/crew while possessing an intimate perspective of the story arc. If Disney has any hope of hitting the May 2019 release (without possible reduction in quality) then it makes sense for the film to be piloted by someone as freshly tenured in the galaxy far, far away as Johnson. That’s just smart, logical business.

I think this situation is much different from the recent debacle with Han Solo. It sounds like the Phil Lord and Chris Miller were simply headed in the wrong direction. Regardless of Disney’s desire to bring directorial diversity to Star Wars, a universal familiarity is absolutely required to mesh with the legacy that has formed over the last 40 years. Gareth Edwards brought a very different type of movie with Rogue One while still allowing it to feel like Star Wars. Frankly, Ron Howard is an ideal fit to right the ship and I’m still confident it’ll be great.

That’s the thing, we need to be confident that Disney will deliver. Even the most hating of haters out there can admit that the franchise has been in spectacular hands AT LEAST compared to the prequel trilogy days. Disney has delivered worthy entries and has the means to continue doing just that. Whatever news breaks between now and the release of ANY one of these films will not change the reality that I’ll be in line with my family for the first showing.

There has never been a greater time to be a Star Wars fan!

What do you think? Do you have faith in Disney’s plan? Sound off in the comments or email us directly at

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