Batman: The Dark Knight SH Figuarts Action Figure

In today’s market, we have a plethora of option’s when it comes to action figures. Consumers have a variety of different price point options from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Along with higher price points we also have gotten better quality and detail. I personally do collect action figures. I tend to gravitate to the action figures with a bit more detail associated with them. With Hot Toys; you will definitely get a very life like figure, but you will also take a hit to your wallet easily spending $300-$1000. Unfortunately, I have responsibilities to keep…kids gotta eat you know. That being said you can always find a happy medium. Today I will offer a review for Batman: The Dark Knight SH Figuarts Action Figure.


I have had this figure on pre-order for almost 5 months since I saw this pop up on (Great site that has all things geek/nerd to buy). I am a fan of all things Batman, but that being said I am a harsh critic of comics and merchandise that comes out with Batman’s likeness. The price is extremely manageable at $54.99 before tax. The figure stands almost 6 inches tall (5 9/10 inch). In the package you will receive an optional head, 5 sets of hands, 2 bat-a-rang’s, 1 grappling-gun, and 1 bomb-gun. There are an amazing 21 points of articulation on this figure. You also get a very large bendable cape that keeps the spirit and feel from the Christopher Nolan trilogy; when Batman glides from building to building. The detail on this figure is very impressive. You can see areas where SH Figuarts was attempting to represent the carbon fiber and body armor. Where the figure fell a bit short was the very large side holster for the grappling gun. Also, the “shoulder pads” on the figure came off very easily when moving the arms around. Lastly, when replacing the head and hands, I was worried a few times that I was going to break the little piece connecting the neck to the head and the hand to the arm; felt like I was gonna snap it off.

My final rating Batman: The Dark Knight SH Figuarts Action Figure is 9.1 out of 10.

What do you collect? What price point do you try to stay with? Let us know in the comments or email us directly at Don’t forget to follow the blog and on Instagram to stay up to date!


The Dull Knight


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My name is Steve (The Dull Knight). When I am not “adulting” helping raise 2 sassy girls or working my full time job, I am helping produce content that I love on this site and on Instagram. I am a grown man child that still collects toys, comics, and plays my video games; when I can escape the clutches of my girls wanting me to play “tea party”. I am a huge fan of Batman, Funko Pop, and Star Wars (My wallet wishes I wasn’t a fan of these). This project was started for the sheer joy of being able to continue to express my love for all things nerd related and I hope that I (we) can convey that with quality content for all you to enjoy. The Dull Knight
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