STAR WARS: Darth Vader #3 – by Charles Soule


The new Darth Vader series is giving us a look at what made Darth Vader, Darth Vader. Marvel is building a detailed back story and showing that Vader is more than just heavy breathing and force chokes. Issue 1 and 2 provided us the events after Vader went all cyborg on us. In order for Darth Vader to earn his crimson light saber, he sets his sight on a Jedi who has avoided Order 66. Vader is hell bent to kill the Jedi, take his light Saber, and torture the crystal within the saber with pain and rage until the color becomes “a beautiful crimson.” Darth Vader then travel from planet to planet searching for this Jedi warrior who has taken the Barash Vow (non-interference until his true path/purpose is revealed.)


Darth Vader’s search has taken him to the Moon of Al’doleem where he has tracked down the Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a. As Vader is flying onto the moon, Infil’a disables Vader’s ship by force “hurling” objects at his vessel. When Vader finally landed his craft, Infil’a test Darth Vader’s skill by launching an attack at him, sending in crashing water to engulf the lower land Vader is standing on. Vader then uses the force to disperse and part the water around him. After a series of more tests that Infil’a has given Darth Vader, Infil’a then allows him to move forward without further obstruction. When Vader arrives, Infil’a declares Vader “weak”.


Prior to the dual commencing, Infil’a has figured out Vaders true intent… he know that he is there for his light saber. Infil’a also deduces that he must have a master; almost casting a cloud over the juggernaut that is Darth Vader. At this point you see what Infil’a is eluding to that Darth Vader is so weak, in his eye’s, that he can not be the master. Infil’a quickly dispatches Vader and cast him off the mountain.  After the “battle”, Infil’a considers his vow complete and is planning to return to the Galaxy and restore the Jedi Order.

I typically am totally against the “slow burn” process that most comics produce… almost dragging on the story issue to issue, but this has been “tastefully” done. I am very curious to see how Vader recovers from this and see how he grew the allure and reputation as the most feared in the galaxy.

My final rating of STAR WARS: Darth Vader #3 by Charles Soule is a 8.5 out of 10.

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