Marvel vs. DC, DC vs. Marvel


This is a hatred that feels longer than time itself. These foes have fought each other for years, with no end in sight. Why do they hate each other? They don’t…

In the recent years, this “rivalry” has surly escalated with the surge of Marvel and DC cinematic universe’s. The cinematic universe’s have catapulted these two companies to mainstream status. You walk the streets, scroll on your Facebook feed, heck…look at a bag of Doritos and you will see the image of a comic book character. These days relevance and success is no longer gauged on comic book sales, but in movie ticket sales.


So where does this hatred stem from? It stems from us…the fans. Marvel and DC, as companies, are rivals…yes, but they don’t hate each other. You go to any social media sight and view the comments section and you will view a sea of toxic people. “F&*K You Fanboy, Marvel Blows, DC Blows… Have you seen BvS? Thor was awful”, are more of the tame comments you see. Its gotten so bad that some people will not even go watch a certain movie because of the comic company associated with it…. no matter if the movie is actually good.

I think we as comic fans have forgotten the past a bit. For years there have been crossovers between both companies. Since the early 1970’s we have had crossovers where we have seen Superman and Spider-man team-up and Batman and Daredevil cross paths, just to name a few.  Marvel characters have been made from DC characters and visa versa… some of these characters have been made in response and respect for each other. Who you ask? Namor/Aquaman, Deathstroke/Deadpool (Slade Wilson, Wade Wilson), Green Arrow/Hawkeye, Atom/Antman, Batman/Moon Knight, and the list goes on and on.


We as the fans have to remember that if each company is successful, then we the fans (all of us) win. We get to continue to see all of our favorite comic characters hit the big screen. We get more emphasis in the stories being developed in our comic panels that are used in television series and in upcoming movies. So next time, take a step back and embrace all the nerdy comic goodness we are currently in.

The Dull Knight


About The Dull Knight

My name is Steve (The Dull Knight). When I am not “adulting” helping raise 2 sassy girls or working my full time job, I am helping produce content that I love on this site and on Instagram. I am a grown man child that still collects toys, comics, and plays my video games; when I can escape the clutches of my girls wanting me to play “tea party”. I am a huge fan of Batman, Funko Pop, and Star Wars (My wallet wishes I wasn’t a fan of these). This project was started for the sheer joy of being able to continue to express my love for all things nerd related and I hope that I (we) can convey that with quality content for all you to enjoy. The Dull Knight
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