Mandalorian Skull Mini Sculpture by Regal Robot

I first heard of Regal Robot’s hot debut product in the coverage of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Like many Star Wars fanatics, life obligations (lousy bills, job, and kids) prevented me from being there in person to celebrate the glorious fandom religion with my own kind. Instead, I was pretending to work at my corporate desk while absorbing whatever information I could from live streams, blog posts, and other onsite coverage. It was during that healthy obsessive scouring that one picture in particular caught my attention….


Could that be a Mythosaur skull replica, the legendary symbol of the Mandalorians?! Yep! Not only is it that, but it also looked to be an incredibly detailed replica to boot. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that these puppies sold out in a hurry down in Orlando. Lucky for the collecting public, they were open to pre-orders with a delivery timeframe within a couple months. They come in two sizes – the palm sized version above and a beastly 17″ replica. Unfortunately, those pesky reasons that kept me from being at Star Wars Celebration in person also kept me from ordering the gigantic replica. Thankfully the smaller one is reasonably priced enough that I couldn’t resist the chance to have this unique collectible in my vast Star Wars collection and placed my order before Celebration even ended. Fast forward a couple months to the glorious day today became once my Mandalorian skull arrived! So was it worth the wait?

Mandalorian Skull Mini Sculpture by Regal Robot


My proud item with their charming thank you card.

Hell yes it was worth the wait! The skillfully sculpted design by special effects artist Miyo Nakamura perfectly renders the unmistakable crest of the Mandalorians which most will know from Boba Fett’s armor. Its real strength is the meticulous hand painting that bring this piece to life. There is so much depth and detail in the design that you’d think they actually took it from the mythical sci-fi beast. The realism is so extreme that my 7 year old daughter was hellbent on believing the sculpture came from an actual animal.


Even the underside has painstaking detail put into the molars of the skull. Regal Robot pulled no punches in getting the most out of this replica in a relatively small package. Here it is with a couple appropriate minifigures for scale:


My biggest problem now is figuring out the best way to display it because a collectible like this begs to be displayed! If it sounds like I’m gushing over this item it’s because I am. This is a top notch replica that simply glows with detailed perfection. Regal Robot is definitely a company to keep an eye on because if they put this much love into everything they do then it’s sure to produce magic as they continue to grow.

The small replica is currently only $34.99 with $11.00 for shipping. Order now and it should ship in 6-8 agonizing yet totally worth it weeks.

My final rating of the Mandalorian Skull Mini Sculpture by Regal Robot is 10 out of 10.

What’s your favorite Star Wars collectible? Let us know in the comments or email us directly at Don’t forget to follow the blog and on Instagram to stay up to date!

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