Darth Vader #1- by Charles Soule


Darth Vader #1- by Charles Soule

Last week we received the new installment to the Darth Vader legacy. Marvel had already released a Darth Vader comic series that was released during the time of Episodes 4 and 5. Marvel decided to head into a different direction and allows us to pickup the tale from the end of Episode 3 and the infamous “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”


This issue was very ‘Light Saber” heavy. We received the information on what makes a Sith’s blade crimson red. Sith sabers are no different from a Jedi saber. Any Kyber Crystal can be wielded by a Sith, and since Kyber Crystals are alive in a way, they can feel pain. A Sith will use the Dark Side to torture the crystal with pain and rage until the color becomes “a beautiful crimson.” In the background we catch a glimpse of hundred of Jedi light sabers being destroyed. Vader remarks that he understands why Palpatine did not give him any of those sabers to corrupt; a Sith saber needs to be taken, not given.

The remaining issues plays out the the Palpatine has left Darth Vader on a Mid Rim planet where he must track down a Jedi to kill and claim his light saber. Darth Vader then seeks out thieves that have stolen the landcraft that was left there from Palpatine as transportation. When Vader tracks and encounters the thieves; the scene is very reminiscence of when Aniken executed the Tuskens. It was a work of art to see an out of control Darth Vader.

There are not enough positive things that I can say about the first issue. I thoroughly enjoyed the additional story after Episode 3. This is definitely a series that I will add to my pull list.

My final rating of Darth Vader #1- by Charles Soule is 9.6 out of 10.

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