Wonder Woman – Film Review

After months, if not years, of talk and downplay by the trolls about Wonder Woman’s first solo movie…. the time has come! It’s not news to anyone, but DC Comics needed a hit in a big way. I personally enjoyed both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad (click on the titles for my original reviews). However, neither film was as good as it needed to be especially given the relentless pressure fueled by the ultra-successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC’s savior was there all along – she just needed the proper outlet to shine…


“Hold my beer, mortals.” – Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman – 2017 – Directed by Patty Jenkins – please note that I have no intention of rehashing the plot or doing a full write up. Instead, I’ll focus on what I liked and how the movie experience was for me.


At the time of this writing, we are one week into the release of Wonder Woman so you’ve no doubt heard the buzz. That’s part of the reason why I’m not going to do your typical plot synopsis write up because at this point that would be nothing new. What I can do is encourage you to see this movie. Seriously, if you haven’t yet then get off your ass and go. Don’t wait for on demand or Redbox – just go. If you’ve already seen it then you most likely find yourself in the same position I’m in where you’re itching to go again!

Wonder Woman was a well-rounded, genuinely great film. I was entertained from the beginning until the very end. The action was top notch, the casting was phenomenal, and the visuals were breathtaking. It had humor and heart – two things we sorely lack this day and age. The story was framed well within the current timeframe as a flashback recall. It’s a style that worked very well showing Diana Prince’s current place of importance in the post-BvS era while simultaneously establishing her background.

I had the absolute delight of seeing this movie seated next to my 7 year old daughter. Her excited bouncing, gasps of surprise, and charming giggles enhanced my own experience in ways I hadn’t felt since taking them to see The Force Awakens. How amazing must it have been for her to see this strong female figure portrayed fittingly (for once) on the big screen? The thing is, Wonder Woman isn’t just the character girls/women need to see for empowerment, she’s the character we all need to see. Her tale isn’t your typical hero versus villain (there was a little bit of that of course), rather, it was a story of a good person rising to do what is right. Gender roles be damned – this was a tale of being a human being no matter the cost.

Here are a few highlights for me:

  • Telling a story with mythical characters set in real world settings is a precarious task. Patty Jenkins balanced the two halves very, very well.
  • As I commented before, casting was really great. Gal Gadot embodies the power, beauty, innocence, ferocity, and warmth that Wonder Woman is all about. Chris Pine was a well suited match for her on-screen presence.
  • The “No Man’s Land” scene was outstanding. I can’t wait to see it again. If you listen to the score the track by the same title pairs the pace of the scene insanely well.
  • I didn’t see the Ares twist coming. Although I didn’t think it was Ludendorff, I was surprised when they revealed it to be Sir Patrick.
  • My only real complaint is Sir Patrick’s mustache. Couldn’t he have torn that thing off when going full Ares?

Let’s hope Warner Brothers takes some serious notes that are implemented into the future handling of the DC movies. Directors need creative control to make the film their own. Comic books are so versatile a medium that their films shouldn’t be constrained to any mold.

My final rating of the film Wonder Woman is 9.1 out of 10.

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