Flash #22- by Joshua Williamson



Flash #22- by Joshua Williamson

Last week we received the highly anticipated conclusion to “The Button” story-line (To get up to date, please see our past reviews).

I have had 6 days to digest and process Flash #22. I, for one, am very disappointed. I felt compelled to write this review for closure purposes. This issue left me searching for content. Typically at the end of any story line, there is a “satisfaction” feeling that comes over us. Yes, I do realize that Geoff Johns did advise us that the integration of the Watchmen into the DC universe would be a “slow burn”, but this felt like the fire was lite and quickly smothered with the Reverse Flash’s body.

We did get Jay Garrick saving the Flash and Batman. He stopped the Flash on the Cosmic Treadmill and directed him back to the present day Bat-cave. We also got, at the end of Flash #22, Bruce Wayne heavily considering if he would continue the mantle of the Batman (We kinda knew this was gonna happen from Batman #22), but aside from that… the content was lacking. Flash #22 had the feel of a “filler” issue, but this was suppose to be the conclusion. There was no major cliff hanger that we did not already know about. We already knew that Mr. Manhattan was behind all this. We already got the confirmation the day prior (May 16th from Geoff Johns) that Mr. Manhattan would go toe to toe with Superman in November with the “Doomsday Clock” story arc. I was flipping page to page for something to take hold… for something to get me salivating for November’s story line, but the moment never came.

My final rating of Flash #22 “The Button”- by Joshua Williamson is 5.0 out of 10.

I really hated to give such a negative review to this issue. If you missed out on this issue, you aren’t really missing anything and can save yourself $3.99.

What were your thoughts? Did it get it wrong? Let us know in the comments or email us directly at madnerddads@gmail.com. Don’t forget to follow the blog and on Instagram to stay up to date!

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