Will the Doomsday Clock Strike Midnight?


DC comics revealed today that we will get a new stand alone miniseries called “Doomsday Clock”. Geoff Johns is teaming up with Gary Frank and Brad Anderson to continue the story arc of Rebirth and the current story-line, The Button, that is crossing over between Batman and the Flash. The one off Rebirth #1 brought to us the announcement that The Watchmen will be part of the DC universe with the Flash and Batman finding The Comedians “Button” embedded in the Bat-cave wall. “The Button” story-line is bringing us how The Watchmen will be integrated into the DC comic universe.

Johns has stated that the “Doomsday Clock” will focus on Superman and Dr. Manhattan. We have been given teasers with the merger of Superman from the pre and post New 52 with us seeing a blue “godlike” entity. This same blue light and godlike entity has been hinted in “The Button” story arc. Johns stated the following:

“It is something else. It is Watchmen colliding with the DC Universe. It is the most personal and most epic, utterly mind-bending project I have ever worked on in my career. With Rebirth, I opened the door to Manhattan. Part of that was I loved the real-world influence Watchmen has. I put Manhattan out there, and always thought there was a Manhattan/Superman story to be told, but then… it grew. And grew. It took my heart and soul over. Still, at the core of it, there’s a being who has lost his humanity, and distanced himself from it, and an alien who embodies humanity more than most humans. I love the idea that Watchmen influenced DC, but what would that look like in reverse? And it goes well beyond that.”

The final part of “The Button” will conclude with Flash #22, scheduled to release this Wednesday. DC has stated that the Watchmen being integrated into the DC universe will be “a slow burn” and the Doomsday Clock will not tick or begin till this November.

The Dull Knight


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