Predator: Hunters #1- by Chris Warner


This past Wednesday we received a lot of great reads and great story lines. From Marvel’s Secret Empire to DC’s Batman #22 and “The Button” story line, we had a ton to keep us engaged till this Wednesday’s New Comic Book Day. As I typically do, I picked up one random read to see if I will add a new comic to my pull list. This week I bring to you:

Predator: Hunters #1- by Chris Warner


This is the 1st part of a 5 part installment of the Hunters story line. The opening panels begin with high paced, tension and action chase between the Predator and it prey. This is beautifully illustrated by artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco; great shading, design, and coloring. You definitely recognize the Predator, but there are subtle changes and add-on that give an “evolved” feel to the character.

After the conclusion of the opening panels, the scene then shift to our main players. Chris Warner did a wonderful job giving each charterer their own personality which was on display during the conversational exchanges between the individuals. The conversation did not feel forced or dry. Each individual recounts their own experience and interaction with the Predator alien in solid detail. Doing a bit of research, I found out that Chris Warner gave this background on each charterer because they have been in previous Predator comics. The background information was wonderfully done and very much appreciated for a newcomer like myself. The title pretty much gives away the “theme” for this series… The Hunted will now be the Hunters.

My final rating of Predator: Hunters- by Chris Warner is 8.1 out of 10.

Dark Horse Comics did a very good job with the opening comic of this 5 comic series. Issue #1 was a very good casual read that allows the reader to get up to speed with past events of the Predator comic’s. I am definitely going to add this to my pull list so that I can see the upcoming developments. So being that tomorrow is New Comic Book Day, give some of the other comic companies some love.

The Dull Knight


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