Top 5 LEGO Star Wars Values (Spring 2017)

It’s almost my favorite pseudo-holiday… This great day celebrates my lifelong obsession while recognizing potential speech impediments: May The Fourth (aka Star Wars Day)! Thank the Maker!


May 4th is a fantastic time to pick up some Star Wars swag while enjoying deals or promotions. LEGO has a solid history with Star Wars and usually does it justice every year in May with some great exclusives. This year, they are breaking their streak of minifigure exclusives by offering a highly coveted polybag of R2D2.

Screenshot 2017-05-01 at 9.56.26 AM

This promotion is for any LEGO Star Wars purchase over $50. You can get it in store or online during the specified timeframe. I’ll be in a LEGO Store in person on May 4th because I’m too impatient to wait for shipping. So if you are looking to take advantage of this awesome promotion while celebrating our holy religion of Star Wars…. what do you buy? It can be a tad overwhelming standing before the glory of the LEGO aisle gazing upon a slew of options. Fret not, young padawans, because the Mad Nerd Dads are here to help with a new Mad Top 5 List comprised of selections for the best ‘bang for your buck’ LEGO Star Wars options available as of Spring 2017.

Factors considered here are: minifigure count/variety, brick count, price tag (under $40.00 is my criteria), minifigure exclusivity, playability, and eventual display potential. Keep in mind that this is for the current selection! Summer has some very cool sets coming out too but, to my knowledge, these are next to impossible to get currently without obscene markups.

Top 5 LEGO Star Wars Values (Spring 2017)


Runner Up – Microfighters


Microfighters are the lowest cost Star Wars set currently available. They’ll always include a minifigure and a small build between 75 and 110 pieces. I’m not a huge fan of them because I’d rather have a decent looking build with a minifigure separate like they used to do for the Planet series. However, they still offer a lot for a $9.99 price tag and are geared more towards to playability goal than realism. Microfighters are a solid choice if you’re looking for something to throw in to put you over the $50 minimum to qualify for the R2D2 promo.

#5 – Battle Packs #75164 and #75165


At $14.99 a pop, Battle Packs are an easy way to bolster your minifigure numbers! Each comes with four minifigures and enough accessories to add a lot of play value. The newer packs also have stud shooters rather than basic blaster molds. I was super excited that the Imperial version has the new Death Troopers included in them. Normally a new Stormtrooper would only be included with a much larger set so it is definitely a must own!

#4 – Carbon-Freezing Chamber #75137


There is a whole lot to love about this little set! It faithfully recreates one of the most iconic scenes from the entire saga for only $24.99 (and is old enough now that you can probably find it on sale). The set has some fun mechanics involved that allow for the pedestal with Han Solo to lower, rotate, then return in carbonite. The only other way to obtain the Han Solo in carbonite ‘minifigure’ piece is through the UCS Slave I, the older Slave I set, or the Jabba’s Palace set. Needless to say, these other options don’t exactly carry a $24.99 price tag. I only had two complaints about this wonderful set: there is a level mechanic that doesn’t seem to do anything or serve any purpose, and they cut down the piece count by including a stair piece. These things will probably only bother me because I’m an obsessive collector so feel free to ignore me.

#3 (TIED) – Luke’s Landspeeder #75137


I was very happy to see this among the Spring releases! It is a relatively to-scale replica of a very iconic vehicle from A New Hope. At only $19.99 it has four very different minifigures of Luke, “Ben” Kenobi, C-3PO, and a Tusken Raider. Playability is very high here as are potential display options. Disclaimer: this is one selection I actually don’t own yet because I’m saving it for my May 4th purchase.

#3 (TIED) – The Phantom #75170


This selection may not be as appealing unless you’re a fan of Star Wars Rebels (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE), but it was the first set from the Spring 2017 releases that I jumped on. Technically the Phantom “II”, this is a neat build with some fantastic minifigures. My only real complaints are that the $29.99 price tag would have been a bit better at $24.99 and there are too many decals (I f*ing hate decals). Otherwise, it’s a fun set that could easily be displayed or played with. The minifigures were the true draw here because it is the only set to include Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn, for the uninitiated, is one of the best characters that fans thought was lost in the Disney takeover. The third season of Star Wars Rebels found a way to pull him out of the Legends catalogue and bring him where he belongs in canon. It’s great that this set also includes the blinded version of Kanan and good ol’ Chopper.

#2 – Desert Skiff Escape #75174


In the spirit of honesty, I must admit that I won’t be purchasing this one. The only reason for that though is because it’s an updated version of set #9496 which I already own. If you didn’t get lucky enough to snag that one prior to its retirement, definitely get your nerdy ass to the store and grab this! For only $29.99 you get four awesome minifigures, a sarlacc, and an accurate reproduction of the Desert Skiff from Return of the Jedi. A modest 277 piece count is put to good use in a faithful imagining of this famous scene.

#1 – AT-ST Walker #75153


I firmly believe that not only is this one of the best LEGO Star Wars values currently available, but it is only of the best sets in the current catalogue. When they released this for Rogue One last year I found it the first day it his a shelf in Richmond, VA. The AT-ST is my personal favorite vehicle from the Star Wars Universe and this set does it total justice. It employs some fun building techniques while allowing for poseability and playability. The set is wonderfully scaled to minifigures and can stand safely without support. Minifigures included are the AT-ST pilot, a rebel soldier, and Baze Malbus. Baze has his heavy blaster which really sets him apart on the collector’s shelf. Priced at $39.99 (but frequently on sale since it was part of the winter releases), this is a tremendous value that will delight any age of Star Wars nut.

So what are your favorites currently on the market? Would you have added/ omitted anything? Will you be breaking the bank on LEGO for May the 4th? Let us know in the comments of directly via email at

jolly nathan – The Belligerent Barnes


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