Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1 by Hasbro (Symbiote Spider-Man)

The Marvel Legends series is an action figure brand where the audience ranges from your casual toy lover to your more avid collector. The series has been around since 2002, changing hands from Toy Biz and now to Hasbro as the main distributor. The figures are branded as a more detailed figure, with poseable points of articulation. They also come with an extra piece(s) for a separate figure that allows you to “Build-A-Figure”, if you collect all the pieces from that corresponding wave. In the 15 year history there has been a wide range of characters from well-known to the more obscure.


Every Sunday when I go to Wal-Mart I always go down the toy aisle with a bit of hope and excitement to see if anything catches my eye. Most times something does catch my eye, but then I look at the price tag a mope off like a child whose mom or dad just told them no (I get it now mom). I always see the Marvel Legends Series, and every time I am quickly turned off by them, not giving them a second look. I gave this some thought to see if I could find an answer to my disdain. I remembered the some years ago I picked one up to take a look and the detail, to me, was terrible. It looked as if the figure was crudely put together and given a terrible paint job; since then I have been turned off by this product. This past Sunday I told myself that I wanted to pick something up to review that I have “cast to the wayside” and I quickly thought of Marvel Legends Series.

Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1 by Hasbro (Symbiote Spider-Man)- $19.99


First thing that I noticed of this figure is that it seemed very much “comic book” accurate, from the large eyes to the slim clean look of the mold. I counted 22 points of articulation, which definitely helps to make this very poseable. You receive 2 sets of hands; open palm and closed fist. The Spider-Man figure came with 2 “Build-A-Figure” pieces for the Sand-Man figure. Overall, the figure felt pretty sturdy when attempting to pose, but the back “shoulder-blade” area felt a bit flimsy when positioning as if I were to break it if I attempted certain poses for that area. The “collar-bone” area seemed a bit off being that it flared out rather noticeably, which made it look a bit odd, quickly made, and as if it were an entirely separate piece… not flowing with the rest of the figure.


My final rating of the Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man is 8.1 out of 10.

I really enjoyed this piece. I really feel that you get a bit more for the $19.99 price tag with the quality and maneuverability. This was a great turn around from what I remembered years ago. As I always say, sometimes you have to step out of the box… you maybe pleasantly surprised.

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