LEGO Star Wars: U-Wing Fighter Polybag

LEGO has a great track record with their polybags. If you’re unfamiliar with them, polybags are those small plastic bagged sets you always see on endcaps or at the checkout aisle. They usually run you about four bucks and often come with a minifigure. Star Wars polybags tend to be miniature recreations of notable ships from a galaxy far, far away. Polybags are regularly used as promotional items (like the R2D2 one coming up from on May the 4th) so sometimes the really good ones are a bit hard to track down.

I’d seen the U-Wing Fighter (30496) online but never had any luck tracking it down in person. Finally, I caved and paid a few bucks more for one on Ebay. Two days after ordering (of course) I happened across a display of them at my local Barnes & Noble. So if you’re looking for one for yourself, stop by B&N to hopefully grab one without any markup!

LEGO Star Wars: U-Wing Fighter Polybag #30496

File_000 (2)

At 55 pieces, the U-Wing is a quick yet faithful recreation of the new ship scene in Rogue One. It has much brighter colors than what you normally see in Star Wars polybags so it’ll brighten up your display a bit. The build itself is separated into two primary sections – the engines and the wings/cockpit. There are a couple of pieces that caught my eye because they aren’t very common; to find them in a four dollar polybag definitely increased it’s value –

File_001 (3)

The end product is a good replica considering how little went into it. I’m sure some hardcore fan out there has found a way to modify it so that the wings open. Here’s the comparison next to a diecast U-wing:

File_002 (1)

The biggest problem with this set comes from the ship itself. By design, the U-Wing is somewhat complicated so translating that into a 55 piece LEGO miniature is no simple task. Other polybags like Poe’s X-Wing or the First Order Tie Fighter are truer replicas because that translation into LEGO was a bit more fluid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great buy that looks just fine with its polybag brethren. Here’s how it looks on my shelf (which is also an excuse to show off my rare polybag Acklay).

File_003 (1)

My final rating of the LEGO Star Wars U-Wing Polybag is 7.8 out of 10.

What’s your favorite LEGO polybag find? Let us know in the comments or email us directly at Don’t forget to follow the blog and on Instagram to stay up to date!

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