James Bond 007, Vargr Issue 2- by Warren Ellis


James Bond 007, Vargr Issue 2 by Warren Ellis (2015)

Its been quite a long time since I have picked up a Dynamite comic. Though Dynamite comics may not have the flash and have the same mainstream appeal like that of Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse comics; Dynamite has always had some solid titles. Last Wednesday I traveled to my local comic shop and after I picked up my typical titles, I made a conscious effort to go “outside the box” and buy something 9 out 10 people would just casually walk by and not even bat an eye to; James Bond 007, Vargr Issue 2 by Warren Ellis (2015) immediately caught my eye.

I have been a James Bond fan my entire life. Who wouldn’t want to be an attractive secret agent, traveling, saving the world, and doing all of it in style? (That’s a trick question… everyone wants to be 007.) I didn’t know what to really expect when I picked up this title. The art work, by Jason Masters, was very nicely done giving the feel of action to each frame of the comic. This “action” feel to the artwork was very much on display in the first 3 pages of an opening fight scene… unfortunately this was the extent of the action in this issue. The rest of the comic had the feel of a James Bond novel or movie with the dialogue and the clever quips back and forth. The end of the comic does give you a cliff hanger for the following issue, lightly sucking you back in for Issue #3. Issue #2 felt like it was a set up story for Issue #3, which maybe why there was a lot of small, slightly irrelevant banter between some of the characters.

My final rating of James Bond 007, Vargr Issue 2 by Warren Ellis is 6.2 out of 10.

After some discussion with Belligerent Barnes, I had to grade this on how it stands on its own two feet and not on the potential of what the series or future issues can bring. I will read issue #3 and #4 and see if the story line can get me engaged and bring me back wanting to read more. I strongly urge everyone to take a gander at some of your other titles and I think you will be surprised at what you will find.

Anyone else read this title? What are your thoughts of “reading outside the box”? Sound off in the comments or send us an email at madnerddads@gmail.com

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