Star Wars: The Last Jedi – teaser trailer


The day finally came! Well, not that day…… for that we’ll have to wait until December 15th. Today was still pretty great because we got our first true look at THE LAST JEDI! If you’re a religious fan like myself, you’ve spent the last two days neglecting your work while watching the live streams from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and attempting to conceal the tears falling as a result not being there in person.

This morning’s highly anticipated LAST JEDI panel certainly didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed hearing how Rian Johnson took on the roll. A true Star Wars fan would never make a movie that would disappoint his people – Rian Johnson showed today that he is definitely up for the job! It was interesting to hear the careful tidbits about the film that worked their way into the conversation. Mark Hamill is a perpetual delight. I could listen to the man talk for days and never get bored of it. The cast shared a similar look of overwhelmed excitement that humanized them all more than your average celebrity.

When they first showed the poster (above) I got chills. If it had stopped there then I probably would have been alright. There was a lot to process from the hour leading up to it! Then…… it happened – the first teaser:

At the time of this writing it has already been viewed close to 12 million times in over 11 hours and that’s just the official version on the Star Wars youtube page! If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched the 2 minute and 12 second teaser repeatedly. I’ll happily claim responsibility for at least 4-5 million of those viewings…. Since you’ve seen it, I don’t feel the need to recap it like the many other more qualified bloggers on the interwebz. Instead I’ll offer a few points that stuck with me in no particular order:

  • Daisy Ridley commented that Rey learns what it is like when the person you idolize essentially ends up not being what you pictured. You get a sense of this with those haunting last words from Luke, “it’s time for the Jedi to end.” How will this impact her development? HOW?
  • I loved the scene where you see Rey practicing on the island. It wonderfully conveyed the isolation that Luke has been confined to all these years. Such isolation would definitely contribute to the crotchety old man that will inevitably crush Rey’s hopes and dreams.
  • The ancient Jedi text is almost certainly kept inside one of the “force trees” seen a few times in Clone Wars and more recently in the SHATTERED EMPIRE comic series. In Shattered Empire, Luke rescues fragments of a tree entrusting one to the Dameron family (Poe’s parents).
  • Rey’s panicked state appears to be right outside of a cave/tree opening. I’m guessing she has her own force vision like Luke did on Dagobah with Yoda.
  • Did you see the AT-AT’s in the distance on the new planet with those crazy looking speeders? I missed them initially on my tiny iPhone screen while pretending to do the job I’m paid to do. Look again and you’ll see an homage to the opening of the battle on Hoth.
  • Kylo looked to be fully engrossed in the darkness now. Any conflict with the light was certainly extinguished when he killed Han. His eyes also took on more of the red tinge that Anakin got after a good ol’ youngling slaughter. Or maybe he had just finished crying over his broken helmet?
  • The space battles look to feature a load of new ships. Many look similar to what we’ve seen before yet more advanced. This plays perfectly into the gap of time and how ship design would have naturally advanced since the fall of the Empire. You know what this means…. new LEGO sets!
  • There are multiple hints of audio that call back to earlier points in the Saga. It was reminiscent of Rey’s vision she experienced upon finding the lightsaber. Listen closely on your next viewing.
  • Finn’s bacta suit shows how wounded he really was after the fight on the Starkiller base. It also strongly reminded me of Luann Van Houten in her jacuzzi suit…


Those are just a few points – check out the run down on Nerdist or Mr. Sunday Movies for more thorough looks.

There are plenty of dissenting views out there claiming to be underwhelmed by today’s teaser. Keep in mind – IT’S A TEASER! And it did exactly that, it teased the bejesus out of us. I’m happy because in the end it was still an exciting look at what’s to come. The full trailer, which will likely debut with one of Disney’s endless tentpole releases this year, should shut up all that bitching and moaning.

I’ll cease the rambling with this fantastic LEGO recreation of the poster shown today in Star Wars Celebration:


So what did you think of today’s THE LAST JEDI teaser trailer? Did you pee a little? A lot? Let us know in the comments below or email us directly at

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