Top 5 Times Thor’s Hammer Has Been Destroyed


This past Monday, April 10th, we received the first trailer for the new Thor: Ragnarok movie; scheduled for release in November. Judging by the 20+ million views on Marvel’s YouTube account, I’m not the only one who is excited for this film. The most talked about aspect of the trailer was Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, being destroyed by Hela. Mjolnir is the iconic weapon of Thor and “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” I, for one, did not even know that it was possible to have Mjolnir destroyed. After a bit of research, here are the Top 5 times Mjolnir has been destroyed.

5) The Destroyer DestroysThor Vol 1, Issue 119


While in battle, in Vietnam, Thor finds that his strength and his hammer are no match for the Destroyer. During one of the many ensuing battles, the Destroyer uses it’s disintegration ray to cut Mjolnir into 2 pieces. Thor does not realize that his hammer is unusable until he tries to use it to fly back to the United States. Have no fear, in issue 120, Thor returned back to the United States and repairs his hammer in a foundry in Pittsburgh…. that’s right, Pittsburgh.

4) Molecule Man Manipulates MjolnirAvengers Vol 1, Issue 215

molecule man

Silver Surfer comes upon the abandoned wand of Molecule Man. The wand then attempts to posses the body of the Silver Surfer, but is unable to do so. Unable to posses the Sliver Surfer, the wand then regenerates the body of Molecule Man. Molecule Man then forces the Silver Surfer to tell him his origin story, which gives him the idea to emulate the power of Galactus and destroy the planet Earth, starting with New Jersey (I can’t blame him to start with NJ, just kidding). The Avengers then proceed to help the Silver Surfer and stop Molecule Man. He then captures all the Avengers and with a wave of his hand, vaporizes Mjolnir along with Iron-Man’s armor, Silver Surfer’s board, and Captain America’s shield on a molecular level.

3) Dark God Perrikus Scythe SlicesThor Vol 2, Issue 10


This issue is the 1st part of the The Dark Wars story line. Perrikus attacks and takes control of Asgard. Perrikus catches wind that Thor is still alive and on Earth in his human form, Jake. Perrikus then appears as an enormous image over New York City, demanding that Thor reveal himself or he will begin to kill the people of Asgard, beginning with Lady Sif. Having no other choice, Thor transports himself to Asgard. When he arrives back, he encounters a run down and derelict Asgard. Thor makes his way to the center of the city and comes upon a bound, battered, and bloody Odin, Lady Sif, and Balder. Perrikus then appears, challenging Thor to the death. Thor accepts his change and attacks. During battle, Thor hurls Mjolnir at Perrikus for a final blow, but Perrikus anticipates this and slices his hammer in two with his scythe. Perrikus then proceeds to give Thor the beating of his life, but he narrowly escapes.

2) Clone WarsThor Vol 2, Issue 80 “Ragnarok, Part the First”


Thor finds himself resetting the timeline so that he can save his own humanity, transforming back into Jake Olsen. At the same time, Loki goes back in time and finds the forge where Mjolnir was created. He then takes the stone to Surtur (mortal enemy of Odin) to forge multiple, less powerful duplicates of Mjolnir. Now poised and ready, Loki and his followers attacks Asgard; set to finally take control of it. Loki and his followers succeed killing just about everyone, except for Thor. As Thor battles one of the followers, his hammer collides with one of the duplicates and causing an atomic explosion destroying Mjolnir. At the end of the Ragnarok series, Mjolnir does not return to Thor until he accepts to be the “Child of Mjolnir”.

1) Family Feud Thor Vol 1, Issue 600


Loki has had a plan for decades. For years Loki cast Bor, Thor’s grandfather, into another world; isolating him.  Loki sets his plan in motion by sending Bor into the heart of downtown New York City. Bor tries to sense Odin anywhere in the Nine World’s, but is unable to and assumes he is dead. To add insult to injury, Loki cast a spell on Bor having him hallucinate; where all he sees is monsters and demons when he looks upon normal human beings. Thor then flies to NYC to stop Bor’s destruction. Thor has no idea who Bor is, being that he has never seen his grandfather before. When Bor cast sight of Thor, all he sees is a demon telling him that he killed Odin. Bor attacks, forcing Thor to go on the defensive. Thor then throws his hammer at Bor, and to the amazement of Thor, Bor is able to catch and wield Mjolnir, where he then is able to shatter his faithful hammer. Thor is then eventually able to kill Bor, but then Balder tells him that he has killed his grandfather and banished from Asgard for eternity.

*Must read. I bought the digital copy and the story line was amazing.

So were you as shocked as I was that Mjolnir could be destroyed? Are you planning on brushing up on your Thor before Thor: Ragnarok? Sound off in the comments or send us an email at to let us know what you think.

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