SAVAGE THINGS by Justin Jordan – Issues 1 & 2

I was drawn to Savage Things when I heard it was a twisted new limited run story coming to Vertigo. As much as I love the ‘twisted’ part of that description, it was actually the ‘limited run’ part that drew me to it. There are a lot of comics to keep up with!! Starting a story with an indefinite run can be super overwhelming. Savage Things is slated for 7 issues (I believe) so it isn’t a long term commitment. This is a review of the first two issues, both of which are available now at your local comic book store. I highly recommend you pick them up before it moves later in the series. Here’s a quick summary of both.

SAVAGE THINGS by Justin Jordan – Issue #1 Review


The story here is kinda familiar – elite assassin team trained to do the dirty work etc… here’s where Justin Jordan put a spin on it that makes this series worth your attention: the team started out as sociopathic kids. They identified kids that would have ended up on death row and decided to give them the tools to embrace their inner evil in a secret project called ‘Black Forest’. How delightfully messed up is that?!

Blood is spilled in the first pages and doesn’t really stop throughout the issue. The art style is perfect because it doesn’t go too over the top in depicting anything to make it in poor taste. Everything is balanced just right to form a captivating read. I’m not giving away any further details because you need to read it for yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait a full month for the second issue because it’s ready and waiting!

SAVAGE THINGS by Justin Jordan – Issue #2 Review


Things move right along in the second installment delving a bit deeper into the history of Black Forest. I suspect they’ll pepper backstory into the series run. Fortunately, Jordan is talented enough to weave the background into the narrative in a way that isn’t at all disjointed and gives the current events far more depth. Comics try this technique repeatedly while often missing the mark.

The carnage level raised in issue two as well with a scene that should strike a chord with anyone who has the misfortune of seeing regular news headlines: terror in a very common public place. Again, I don’t want to spoil this so hopefully your interest is piqued enough to go support Vertigo and a comic book store. The beauty of a limited run series is that they can truly make each issue count. There is no filler to make you question whether or not it was worth a couple bucks to buy. SAVAGE THINGS has lived up to its name thus far by keeping the tension through a savage tale that shows no sign of easing up in the remaining five issues.

My rating of SAVAGE THINGS by Justin Jordan issues 1 and 2 (averaged) is 8.9 out of 10. Go buy this, seriously.

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