LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Scarif


LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Scarif #75171

LEGO’s Spring 2017 lineup has my bank account hurting! Thankfully, my wife grabbed this set for me with the heavy influence of my son. Rogue One’s climax on and above Scarif was phenomenal in every way, shape, and form. It makes perfect sense that they capture this new beachfront setting in LEGO form.

My biggest draw to any LEGO set is the minifigures. I’m always on the lookout for new members to add to my definitely-not-in-need-of-an-intervention-sized collection. Storm Troopers control a fair chunk of my Star Wars shelf. Those Scarif Shore Troopers were aching to join the ranks! Jyn and Cassian were an added bonus.

File_000 (1)

Both of heroes are well represented in their brick forms. Cassian’s smug, scruffy expression fits perfectly with his specially molded hairpiece. Jyn’s scowl is a great match for her stolen imperial disguise. I used some of the extra pieces to enable her to hold the helmet… seemed like a better option than her in the helmet holding a hairpiece.

File_001 (2)

My only complaint about the Shore Troopers is that they are both identical. It would have been cool for LEGO to add slight printing differences to the armor or to have different facial expressions rather than the stock grumpy trooper face. I was very happy that they mixed up the blaster style to further differentiate the Troopers on Scarif from your run-of-the-mill bucket head.

If you’ve read any of my LEGO set reviews on my author page, you know that I utterly despise decals. Stubby pawl-like fingers make their placement a precarious endeavor. LEGO Company has the means to print all their pieces… lord knows they make enough money from me! Fortunately, Battle on Scarif includes a mix of decal and printed pieces.


The panel by the door is a decal while the others are printed.


It even has the master switch!

Playability and displayability are two highly sought after aspects in any LEGO set. Battle on Scarif walks that line pretty well, however, it isn’t really ideal for long term display simply because of the scene it depicts. My plan is to recycle a lot of the pieces in other projects. If you’re hoping to keep this one together, there are lots of neat features to liven up the experience. The best of those features is how they incorporated thermal detonator explosions. A lever design uses the natural hold for two panels to fling them into the air with lots of “kaboom” sounds added in my head. I figured out how to use the slow motion feature on this fancy new iPhone to demonstrate:

giphy (2)

The first ‘explosion’ is slow motion while the second is real time…. in the event that isn’t obvious.

All in all, there’s quite a bit of bang offered for the $50 sticker price. If you see it on sale then definitely grab it! You’ll enjoy the build, the minifigures, and the final product.

My final review of LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Scarif is 8.9 out of 10.

Have you checked out any of the newer LEGO Star Wars sets? Let us know which one in the comments or email us directly at

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