Funko POP! #18 Marvel Ghost Rider GITD

In the world of Funko POP! collection each collector has their one “Grail”. The term grail being an item that collector holds sacred above the rest; this item is my grail. I vowed that I would never unbox this item. As I opened up the top of this box and pulled the vinyl figure from its plastic sarcophagus, I’ll be honest, it hurt a little. Dramatics aside, today I will be reviewing…

Funko POP! #18 Marvel Ghost Rider (Glow in the Dark) Exclusive to Harrison Comics by Funko


Over the past 5 years, Funko brand toys have gained in popularity and have attracted a large dedicated following. So much so that large corporate locations like Target, Walgreen, and Wal-Mart have been locations for exclusive POP! figures in the recent years. Prior to large corporations being sellers of exclusives, Funko was distributing to comic book stores. From time to time, Funko would make exclusives specifically for that particular comic book store; hence the Funko POP! #18 Marvel Ghost Rider (Glow in the Dark) Exclusive to Harrison Comics.


I really feel that Funko knocked it out of the park with this unique mold. Standing at 3-3/4 inches, the first thing that I noticed was the detail  on the flames from the skull. On each peak of the flame, the color gradually lightens as you would notice on a normal flame. The skull is molded in a way to give it the traditional “cute” look that all Funko POP! posses, but you still get the curve and the detail on the face along with the teeth. The head of all Marvel branded POP! figures are traditionally a bobble head. The body has the feel of Ghost Rider, from the leather jacket, to the raised “metal” spikes. Funko has even provided detail on Ghost Rider’s weapon of choice, the chained mace.

If you are a Funko collector, check out This site provides a great area for you to catalog your collection and see the market value your Funko item is going for on the Ebay market.

I give Funko POP! #18 Marvel Ghost Rider (Glow in the Dark) Exclusive to Harrison Comics by Funko a final rating of 9.0 out of 10.

*I would like to add that a “grail” can be any item at any price point. I does not have to be an item that is going to break the bank. The great thing about collecting, is that an item in your collection, in due time, may increase in monetary value, but truly the only value is how you feel about that item in your collection.

Do you collect Funko POP! figures? Whats your grail? Tell us in the comments or at

The Dull Knight


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