AXLE Fidget Spinner by DESTROYER Brands

Are you the type of person who cannot sit still? I sure am! Hell, I’m the posterchild of a medicated adult A.D.H.D. sufferer. Even with all those tasty pharmaceuticals my doctor pushes on me, I’ll still make my coworkers question the building materials beneath us with my shaking leg. Lucky for them, a friend felt my tectonic rumblings and sent me something her husband was working on to try out. Enter the…..

AXLE Fidget Spinner by DESTROYER Brands


Fidget devices/spinners have become a big hit in the last few months. Speaking from experience, it’s because they honestly do help vibration connoisseurs like me. My coworkers haven’t complained that the floor is giving way ever since I began focusing my fidgeting into this tactilely satisfying device. The cog-like wheels encourage you to flip and spin it every which way in the palm of your hand. A tight design allows it to spin with a delightful lack of friction. This is a major advantage to a spinner as opposed to one of the cube devices – a cube cannot propeller its way around your palm attracting rapid fascination. Most of my colleagues have given it a whirl and expect me to have it at any meeting. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m usually doing:


I give the AXLE Fidget Spinner by DESTROYER Brands a final rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Do you use a Fidget Spinner? How do you get rid of those anxious tendencies? Tell us in the comments or at

jolly nathanThe Belligerent Barnes

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