March 2017 Smuggler’s Bounty – Rebels

Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty is the only blind loot box that has maintained my subscribership since the beginning. My undying love of the saga from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away aside, I do feel it is Funko’s most consistent “bang for your buck” offering. It was very exciting to see that they’d chosen Star Wars Rebels as the focus for March’s box.

If you’ve skipped Rebels because it’s an animated show, go ahead and slap yourself in the face right now. Rebels has become quite the gripping entry into post-mouse house takeover canon. Dave Filoni has expertly weaved the show into the connectivity of what occurs on screen. Season one struggled to find its footing as a serious entry, however, those understandable hiccups are long past. All rants aside, watch the show and thank me later.

Anywho…. here are my box-spoilerific thoughts on…

March 2017 Smuggler’s Bounty – Rebels

The box design itself wasn’t anything special. It’s around the same dimensions as a men’s shoebox so I will most likely reuse it for collectible storage. My 7 year old daughter quickly called dibs on the pin which featured the Mandalorian character, Sabine Wren. Sabine is a proper bad ass role model for my little lady so I didn’t mind her taking this one. The patch featured Zeb, the amusing brute Lasat crewmember of the Ghost. This also didn’t thrill me so my 9 year old son was happy to take it off my hands.


The shirt design is pretty neat this time around. It’s rare to find Rebel’s gear that’s actually meant for an adult – another downside of the show’s venue. I do wish they started sending their shirts out in colors other than black, blue, or grey. Even though it’s a safe color option, it also ensure that the design does little to stand out from the others (that my wife claims I already have too many of).


The weakest entry to the box is this Hikari sculpt of Chopper. Chopper is a great character with plenty of qualities that were completely missed in this version. Learning later that there were multiple color variations did nothing to sway my opinion on this part. Perhaps I’m missing the appeal of Hikari pops? Whatever the case, the sparkly translucent figure went to the less judging possession of my daughter.


Captain Rex was the next exclusive Pop! Vinyl to pack this box.  Sorry to say that I was a tad underwhelmed on this one… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that Rex is a recurring character in Rebels since he was a favorite of mine from Clone Wars. It would have been neat if they’d replaced his second blaster with him holding his old Clone Trooper helmet. This figure found it’s home on my son’s shelf.


Finally, the component that makes this whole box a very worthy purchase… Darth Maul! This is a totally brilliant sculpt of the fallen Sith. Maul became an unexpected highlight in all of the Clone Wars series and just as fantastic in his final appearances for Rebels. Everything about this Pop! from the paint, to the accuracy of his horns, to the detail on his lightsaber and mechanical legs perfectly embody the character he became before his actual downfall. Had it not been for Maul in this box, my end rating would be several points lower. Surprisingly, I still feel this enthusiastic about is even though there was zero surprise involved with its inclusion.

My final rating of the March 2017 Smuggler’s Bounty for Star Wars Rebels is 7.1 out of 10.

P.S. – I’m very excited to hear the next theme celebrates the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope!! My kids will have to start working their asses off now with chores to get their own boxes because I probably won’t be as willing to share next time.


So what did YOU think of this month’s Smuggler’s Bounty? Did Funko have a hit or a miss this time around? Let us know in the comments or at

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