Top 5 Wolverine Moments

Being created after the 1960’s Silver Age boom has not stopped Wolverine from being one of the most iconic figures in comic history. Ever since Wolverine appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974), he has been a pillar for Marvel comics. For most people, when you mention the word X-Men, the first character you think of is usually Wolverine.  Wolverine’s popularity has also translated over to the big screen (not including Wolverine I & II) to the blockbuster LOGAN. There have been many moment throughout Wolverine’s 43 year history that have drawn us time after time back to its comic panels.

Here are my Top 5 Wolverine Comic Moments:

*Yes, Weapon X has been omitted on purpose because this is (in my opinion) a top wolverine moment on every list.

#5Losing His AdamantiumX-Men Vol 2 #25 (Fatal Attractions)

Wolv Extraction

After a series of events pits the X-Men against Magneto, Wolverine finds himself toe to toe with him. Wolverine attacks Magneto in a fit of rage nearly killing Magneto. As Wolverine goes in for the final strike, Magneto does the only thing he can to stop him… pulls the Adamantium out of his body through his skin. In response to this, Professor X completely wipes Magneto’s mind. Some how Wolverine survives, but he loses his health regeneration for some time. It is also revealed that Wolverine has bone claws and not just Adamantium claws.

#4-Wolverine is Torn in HalfUltimate Wolverine vs Hulk (2005)

torn in half

Wolverine is given a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. to, once and for all, take out the Hulk for incidents that he is “responsible” for. Wolverine tracks the Hulk to a Tibetan mountain. Wolverine confronts Bruce Banner and after minutes of calm speaking, Wolverine says a passing comment about Betty Ross. This comment enrages an already agitated Bruce into the Hulk. Wolverine and Hulk then battle where Wolverine finds himself torn in half by the Hulk. The Hulk then throws the lower half of Wolverine’s body into the distance. Wolverine then crawling a mile over rugged terrain to find the rest of his body to begin the healing.

#3-Logan Kills the entire X-MenOld Man Logan #14 (2016)


A flashback reveals why Logan will not use his claws anymore. Logan replays the events when a group of super-villains attack the X-Men Mansion. Logan tries to find his fellow X-Men but is unsuccessful. In order to save the mutant children in the school, Logan does the only thing he can do… he kills them all. Once Logan kills that last attacker, he is shown that it was the X-Men that he had killed; This was all an illusion by Mysterio. Emotionally and mentally destroyed, Wolverine walks away into the wasteland. After the events he made multiple attempts to take his own life but with no effect. Logan could not kill himself but he did kill “Wolverine” and in the process vowed never to use his claws again.

#2-Wolverine Kills the Hulk Gang after they Kill his FamilyOld Man Logan (2016)


In a wasteland, where super-villain’s have divided the country, Wolverine finds himself finally at peace with a family. An aged and blind Hawkeye recruits Logan to go on a job with him to deliver a secret package. When Logan returns, he finds his family murdered by the Hulk Gang. Overcome by emotion, Logan unleashes his claws; something he vowed never to do again. Logan then hunts down the Hulk Gang and kills Bruce Banner’s children, before encountering Bruce himself. Bruce reveals that he killed his family out of sheer boredom. Bruce then transform to the Hulk and then proceeds to eat Logan. While in the Hulk’s stomach, Logan regenerates and erupts out of the Hulk’s stomach, killing him. After the battle, Logan finds a small baby Hulk named Bruce Banner, Jr. and takes responsibility for him.

#1 Death of Wolverine (2014)


The story line for this series begins when a virus from the Microverse destroys Wolverines healing factor and his enemies are well aware of this. Wolverine then finds there is a bounty on his head from Doctor Abraham Cornelius, the founder of the Weapon X program. Dr. Cornelius is attempting to resurrect the Weapon X program, but he is missing one thing… Wolverines healing factor. Wolverine confronts and reveals to Dr. Cornelius that he no longer has his healing power. Enraged, Dr. Cornelius releases one of his experiments on Wolverine. After Wolverine defeats his experiment he sets his eyes on his “creator”. In a desperate act to escape, Dr. Cornelius activates an Adamatium bonding process on the remaining subjects of his experiments. In order to save the subjects, Wolverine destroys the Adamantium container, covering himself in the liquid substance. As the liquid is hardening, Wolverine catches up to Dr. Cornelius. Cornelius reveals that he is fatally wounded from a piece of shattered glass from the Adamantium containers Wolverine destroyed. As Dr. Cornelius lay dying he demands to know what Wolverine has accomplished in his life. As the Adamantium hardened around his body and as he takes his last breath, he reflects on his life. Wolverine dies kneeling in the sunset, covered in what defined him.

So what are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong? Am I missing something? Sound off in the comments or send us an email at to let us know what you think.

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